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world of Warcraft Gold

World of Warcraft
Your Source for the Cheapest WOW-US Currency

Are you ready for lightning fast gold delivery? Almost all of our World of Warcraft gold orders are delivered within 60 minutes. Once order is placed we will contact you either in game, or if offline via phone. To expedite your order further, simply jump into LiveChat and talk to one our customer service representatives committed to service excellence!

We are currently trading all gold orders face to face. For Horde orders we will meet in either Ratchet (primary) or Orgrimmar (secondary) for trade, for Alliance orders we will meet in Stormwind. For all of these locations we meet at the bank.

Please be aware we will NEVER ask you to return gold to us for a screenshot. If you are requested to do anything in game that you are unsure of, or makes you uncomfortable feel free to contact our live support for confirmation of any request made.

World of Warcraft-US [change]
Korialstrasz US-Alliance [change]

20000 Units Gold $ 24.12  
30000 Units Gold $ 36.05  
50000 Units Gold $ 59.63  
100000 Units Gold $ 117.00  
300000 Units Gold $ 337.50  
500000 Units Gold $ 562.50  

Units Gold - $
(will be rounded down by 1000's)
Min: 10000 - Max: 1000000


  This is the last 500 orders we have completed delivery on, and the time it took to complete that delivery from the point that it hit our delivery queue until the time it was closed.

  This does not include the timeframe between ordering and completion of the verification process if it was necessary to verify the order.
# 500 Orders %
372   1 hour or less 74.4 %
87   1 to 12 hours 17.4 %
9   12 to 24 hours 1.8 %
12   1 to 2 days 2.4 %
15   2 days or more 3 %
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